it's all about's all about turquoise waters…it's all about good's all about dreaming…it's all about Ibiza......and we can make it happen.


Welcome to Eivissa (Ibiza)

When people think about Ibiza they picture crystal blue waters by the soft sand, beautiful sunsets becoming unforgettable nights, glamorous people at the club with a hippy style at the beach… holidays based on their deep dreams.

Some people call it paradise, we call it work. Our mission is to please you with the magical aura of this beautiful island by taking care of all your needs. From the smallest detail to the most extraordinary request, Eivissally will design the perfect vacation plan according to your needs and budget. Nothing is too standard or too fancy on this island, everybody has a place to set their spirits free.

You will not have to worry about anything else but being seduced by the charm of Ibiza.

Pack your stuff. It’s time to fly.

Ibiza, a name you will not forget


Let us introduce ourselves
Alejandro Founder & CEO
The face and the boss. When he was a kid he was told to get a nice job in a big office. But no one told him where or which color the walls should be, so he picked the turquoise and an island with no doors. His passion for Ibiza and for providing the best service goes beyond his duties. He will cross the line and anticipate your needs thanks to his expertise in the financial and customer service area. Give him a challenge and he will accept it without reservation or doubt.

Agustina Lifestyle Manager
The backup and the dreamer. The combination of her passion for traveling along with her experience in advertising and public relations gives her the power to anticipate what a client needs, but most importantly, what a client wants (even when they do not know it themselves). Give her an idea and she will make your dream come true because “impossible” doesn’t have place in this island.

Ignacio Sales Manager
The connector and the runner. Connecting people around the world is what he was born for. He started doing it by air, as a pilot, and now he is doing it overland, as a Sales Manager. He knows better than anyone how important it is to be down to earth to reach the sky. Point him in any direction and he will fly high to lead you there the fastest way possible.


What do you need?


Hotel & Villa Rental

A luxury world in between 4 walls.

Your accommodation needs will be solved thanks to our extensive choice of elegant hotel rooms and private properties, designed to make you feel comfortable and cared for. Whether you are looking for a value for money option or for a high end experience, you will not want to leave at the end of your stay.


Luxury & Standard Cars 

No limits to explore.

Get on the car and drive with no destination. You only need to decide on which type of vehicle you want to reach the next beautiful spot – a luxury sport car, a 4×4, a compact family one -there are many choices for all types of vacation, and we will find the one that makes you feel most comfortable.


Transfers & Chauffer Services

We will wait for you.

It’s always nice when someone comes to pick you up at the airport. It makes you feel special after a long flight. Our transfer service will take care of you as soon as you step on Ibiza for any of your transportation needs: to the hotel, to the restaurant, to the club… You set the time and we will be there. But with no flowers. Unless that is your wish.

And if you want to enjoy the ride from the back seat, our experienced multi-lingual chauffeurs will drive you while you relax. You are on holiday and we are at your disposal. Anytime, anywhere.



VIP Tables

Partying to the next level.

It’s all about the right company, about the right DJ, about the right treatment… about the right seat. We will find the perfect spot for you and your group, escorting you to your table and skipping the never ending lines to enjoy the night to the max. Now that you are in, the party can start!



Time to treat your palate.

Imagine relishing a fresh sole fish while enjoying a glass of white wine, with the Mediterranean in front of you. Imagine now that you are on a patio sharing typical but exquisite tapas with some friends while the sun sets. Imagine what your stomach feels like and we will make the right reservation for you. There is nothing better than a delicious meal to complete your Ibiza experience.


Boats & Yachts

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.

And that is because you are sailing in the open sea. You don’t need a compass, you will get lost in the beauty of the Ibiza shore in the comfort of our exclusive yachts or having a party in a catamaran when the sun goes down.

And now that you are exploring the crystal blue waters, you can’t miss Ibiza’s little sister, Formentera, on a one day charter or a week sailing around the paradise. Tell us your budget and your desires and we will make it happen.





You have the idea. We have the magic.

You can have your own Ibiza club at your villa with a famous DJ and extravagant performances. Or maybe you prefer something more private, or more romantic, or classier, or a simple BBQ… just say it! We will put our resources and expertise at your service to create the perfect event for you. They call it the magical island for a reason.

But if there is a special occasion, that is your bachelor/bachelorette party. Let us organize you an unforgettable event where you won’t have to regret any of the pictures. Your memorable stories will be worth to tell (or to keep for yourself) Let us know the theme and we will go above and beyond your expectations. You only get married once! At least this year…


Domestic Services

The good fairy at your door.

Cleaning services, a chef at your disposal, maintenance staff or anything you might need for your villa. Everything will always be ready for you to enjoy your stay. Our professional and efficient staff will be in and out, and you will not even realize it.


Unique Experiences

Ready for the after party?

There is life outside of the club. Ibiza has many exciting options to let your adrenaline flow freely. Ride a jet ski or try a flyboard, a new extreme sport that is rocking it around the world, to challenge yourself “flying” over those beautiful waters. The fun (and swallowing salty water) is guaranteed!



We’ve got a plan

Feel the beats, feel Ibiza.


Let’s talk about it

Don’t hesitate to contact us to start planning your remarkable trip to Ibiza.

That’s why we are here for. (Terms and conditions )

Switch off your mind, switch on your senses.