Let us introduce ourselves
Alejandro Founder & CEO
The face and the boss. When he was a kid he was told to get a nice job in a big office. But no one told him where or which color the walls should be, so he picked the turquoise and an island with no doors. His passion for Ibiza and for providing the best service goes beyond his duties. He will cross the line and anticipate your needs thanks to his expertise in the financial and customer service area. Give him a challenge and he will accept it without reservation or doubt.

Agustina Lifestyle Manager
The backup and the dreamer. The combination of her passion for traveling along with her experience in advertising and public relations gives her the power to anticipate what a client needs, but most importantly, what a client wants (even when they do not know it themselves). Give her an idea and she will make your dream come true because “impossible” doesn’t have place in this island.

Ignacio Sales Manager
The connector and the runner. Connecting people around the world is what he was born for. He started doing it by air, as a pilot, and now he is doing it overland, as a Sales Manager. He knows better than anyone how important it is to be down to earth to reach the sky. Point him in any direction and he will fly high to lead you there the fastest way possible.